Joe King’s CD ‘Que Wow’s’ Critics

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“Que Wow,” Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns‘ first CD in 31 years, is taking the country by storm with great reviews — which makes folks here at Nacho Daddy Mexico pretty darn proud.

Here’s what L. Kent Wolgamott of of the Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star says of  Joe King and the house band here at 180 Basilio Badillo, in the heart of La Zona Romantica here in Puerto Vallarta:

“Kicking off with the boisterous, Farfisa-filled “Drug Thru The Mud,” then the title cut, “Que Wow” romps through party songs like ‘Havin’ A Ball,’ pays tribute to the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, club where Carrasco leads the house band with ‘Nacho Daddy,’ and tosses in lots of references to frijoles and tamales as it bounces through Caribbean-influenced tunes and, of course, some hopped-up polkas.

‘Que Wow’ isn’t as over-the-top wild as the Crowns’ 1980s records, but it’s a more musically accomplished effort. Carrasco has become a very good guitarist over the years, and this is nothing but fun, fun, fun.’”

We especially like the intro to the Nacho Daddy cut on the “Que Wow” CD with its barking dogs. It reminds us of the noises our motley crew of middle-aged ex-pat American, Brit, Aussie, Mexican and Canadian regulars make when their beers or margaritas run low. Una cerveza mas! Arf!!!

Don’t believe me? Listen to the Nacho Daddy song and you’ll find yourself packing your swimsuit, flip-flops and sunglasses and and grabbing your passport and heading down Old Mexico Way. Come down to Puerto Vallarta’s best and friendliest  beach bar, just two blocks from La Playa de Muertos, in the heart of Mexico’s friendliest resort town.

– Tammy

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